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Bachelor – Stag party in Barcelona: suggestions

If you go to Barcelona to organize a memorable farewell Bachelor – Stag party, then you have made the right choice.
Barcelona is the city symbol of the Spanish nightlife where the day and especially at night seem endless; the city where it is never too late to drink, go out, meet new people, dancing until dawn and sample culinary delights.
Barcelona has so much to offer that even the most demanding will find the right alternative to celebrate the bachelor party to suit your taste and preferences.
How to choose among the thousands of possibilities? We have summarized some of the themes here are our suggestions for spending a bachelor party in Barcelona.

Food, or tapas, paella and much more!

While the food is culture, then get to know Barcelona and its culture you can not miss to taste the many specialties that this city has to offer. The dinner will therefore be expected to force a selection of tapas accompanied by liters of sangria that will serve for toast to the groom!

If you like the idea of tapas, but not to spend hours sitting at the table, why not organize a nice tapas tour? An itinerant journey into the heart of the city, with stops in the most characteristic local and tastings of delicious and always different tapas … will be a way to immerse yourself in the local gastronomic culture, but also an opportunity to meet new girls in every bar.

The gastronomic offer in Barcelona does not stop at tapas and paella if you want to give an original touch to your dinner for the bachelor party, why not try one of the many themed restaurants scattered around the city? There is something for all tastes: from the one with the menu based exclusively on various types of cheese from all over Europe, to that hidden inside a laundry room, the one with dark atmosphere where every night is Halloween, or the one where you dine blindfolded … ask and you shall receive!

Erotic theme … if you want to taste something more spicy!

If you are interested in the girls and your idea of a bachelor party is an evening of transgression, Barcelona will not disappoint! lapdance clubs, erotic discos, real exclusive club with rooms where the pleasure to spend time with beautiful and available girls … could be a nice gift to give to your friend (but watch the bride!).

If you want to share the hot moment with your friends, maybe over dinner, the right address we will offer you the

You want to combine the taste of tapas to taste spicier? Celebrate your bachelor party in Barcelona with our proposal Barcelona Hot, one night highly erotic … you’ll make it to hold?

Adventure and Sports … because every opportunity we can to keep fit!

Fitness fanatics or adventure and game to share with friends?
If you have chosen Barcelona for a bachelor stag party, you will not have to ask: can start with a nice bike tour of the city , keep pedaling with «Drink and Ride» a real pub on wheels in which the skill is to ride all together while you continue to drink beer without interruption.

Or you can move to the waterfront area to try the thrill of water sports such as Flyboard where it defies gravity and it is repeatedly thrown into the air and then plunge back into the water like a dolphin, or laugh together on the Banana Boat, an evergreen of group games in the water.
Just a few minutes from Barcelona you can organize a classic bachelor: a fun battle of paintball in a picturesque environment, in the nature of a real forest.

If you prefer sports watch rather than do that, then a winning idea is to provide a guided tour of the Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe and home to exciting international match … for the group of friends hardcore football fans will how to step into the shoes of their idols.
Bachelor in Barcelona sports theme you like, but you’re a lousy organizers? Leave it to us, with our proposal Tapas y Futbol put all agree: who wants to do sports and who wants to see him.

Nightlife theme … if you never go to sleep before 6!

If you are nocturnal animals and give the best of you just starting at ten in the evening, then the city that never sleeps is the perfect destination. It would be impossible to list all the premises in Barcelona where you can drink, dance and run wild till dawn.
So our advice is to choose the local or the disco from the district in which you are located:

  • Ramblas: tourist, informal, colorful, fun, here to the sunrise will be all too easy.
  • Born: the neighborhood of the center which for some years is the real novelty of the emerging Spanish nightlife: a barrio original and unconventional, with places frequented by young artists and intellectuals of the city, a place to feel very fashionable, but immersed in the heart Barcelona.
  • Eixample: the area north of Plaza Catalunya, the center and the residential place of luxury shopping during the day, more «clubs crossroads» and Dressy, with rigid door policy
  • Barceloneta: one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of the city, with its beach that is the frame and a series of local, restaurants and glamorous clubs with spectacular views of the sea
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