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Do you remember the movie «Hangover»?
The story of four friends struggling with an unlikely stag in the festive city of Las Vegas?
Now take a look at the calendar: the period of the marriage is approaching and also you, friends of the couple, you will be dragged into the bandwagon of the festivities!
Before the fateful «yes» there is, however, a necessary step: the bachelor party for the groom and hen parties for the bride.
And it is on this occasion that friends of the couple were the focus, planning of festive occasions to salute in the most colorful the plunge!
A website, for a bachelor party «all inclusive»!

In recent years, needless to say, the Internet has broadened the possibilities to organize stag in style.
Today, there are sites that offer the complete package to your merry band: travel, accommodation, and entertainment are all included and you can also customize to your preference.
Whether you want to or not to rely on these new opportunities, pre-wedding stag let you experience explosive evenings in the great Italian and European cities.
The main destinations for the farewell to celibacy in Europe

Stag Party Barcelona Activities

Spain, in particular, offer some of the most popular destinations for organizing a bachelor stag party barcelona activities: Barcelona,
Mediterranean the warm atmosphere of the main Spanish cities.
Here is the perfect destinations for those who choose a weekend to remember.

Activities for all tastes

Obviously, in addition to classic drinks, can not miss the activities to do with the groom, and there is something for all tastes, ranging from excursions with quad, the boat parties, through the tour tasting of craft beer.
For daredevils, also, waterskiing, challenges on go-karts, paintball and sessions at the shooting range competitions offering «masculine» experiences to greet celibacy among friends.
As you can imagine, we do not miss some joyful female presence, ready to remind the groom, in a cheeky and playful, now that the choice was made …
These moments Captain few times in life, so the selfies and photos are a perfect way to capture the stag, and relive a watching them tomorrow (those not exceeding the decency!) Over a beer.

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